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How to Select Pictures for Editing?

How to Select Pictures for Editing?

Here’s how to comment on the photos you want to be edited as editing adds the spice to the images much like tadka puts the magic in dal.

The process is described in detail below:

Step 1: In the customer app, under your booking select the VIEW PHOTOS button to open the drive folder containing the photographs.

Step 2: Select the image to be edited.

Step 3: Tap the comment button located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: After you click Add New, a new screen with all the comments will open. This page will then display the image. Simply tap on any portion of the image, then select “ADD COMMENT HERE.

Step 5: A comment box will appear with the ability to add any text; enter the photographer’s name with a hashtag (for example: @amit).

Step 6: After adding the photographer’s name, simply type EDIT and submit the comment.

This is how you should comment on the photos you want to be edited, and you will receive the edited photos in 3 working days 🙂

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